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Student Handbook


Mark Aguirre
Humanities || 9th
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Mark has been teaching Humanities at High Tech High since 2001. He began his teaching career at Point Loma High School and Scripps Ranch High School.

Raised in the small town of Fillmore, California where his family raised oranges, Mark is the oldest of ten children. He graduated from Cal State-Chico where he received his bachelor’s degree in history, with the focus being on Classical Civilizations. In 1987, he earned his teaching credential from San Diego State.

Mark has three children- Joshua a postman in Denver, Jacob a contractor in Lake Havasu and Jessica a student at Smith and two grandchildren. His passions include playing poker, reading books about classical history and listening to be-bop jazz.

David Berggren
Engineering || 12th
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Born and raised in San Diego, David graduated from Point Loma High School and attended the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA where he graduated with a BS in Marine Engineering Technology, a minor in Computer Science and an Unlimited Horsepower USCG 3rd Assistant Engineers License.

An avid seaman, David has fished all over the North and South Pacific for Albacore tuna aboard a 90 ft. fishing vessel built by his father, worked on three different factory trawlers in the Bering Sea as a 1st Assistant Engineer, and, also with his father, built a 58 ft. steel salmon fishing boat. David began working at High Tech High in the fall of 2001 as an Engineering Instructor.

He launched High Tech High’s FIRST Robotics team in 2004 which has grown to achieve national recognition. David holds a California Designated Subjects credential in Engineering Occupations.

Robert Bussell
Math|Physics || 9th
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Amy Callahan
Math || 11th
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Amy earned her Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin, then taught at Travis High School in Austin for 2 1/2 years.

She then moved to Berkeley, California, where she stayed home with her first son and wrote math curriculum part-time. After 1 1/2 years in the Bay Area, Amy moved to San Diego and continued to stay home with her two sons, Harrison and Quentin.

Amy taught mathematics at Grossmont Community College in the summer and fall of 2005. She joined the High Tech High community in January 2006.

Aaron Commerson
Math|Physics || 9th
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Aaron was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan.

He attended Michigan State University before deciding that cold weather was an unnecessary burden and moved to Southern Florida to finish college. He earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Florida Atlantic University along with his teaching credential. After graduation, he moved to San Diego where he has been teaching since 1999.

Aaron lives in Clairemont with his wife Tracy and son Parker.

Julio Delgado
Spanish || 10th
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My name is Julio Delgado and I am a Spanish teacher at High Tech High. I have an undergraduate degree in education and Spanish literature from the National University of El Salvador. I also have a California credential to teach literature and Spanish language at a high school level and two years of graduate courses in Special Education. I have taught bilingual elementary school for almost five years and Spanish language and literature at a high school in Los Angeles. I also have over 10 years experience coaching soccer, from my children's teams to a varsity high school team.

Before becoming a teacher I had the privelege to work with many different communities. In college, I designed and implemented a literacy project for adults and children in a Mayan community in El Salvador. I also conducted an oral history project about the struggles of refugees fleeing from a war zone within El Salvador.

As a member of the Central American Refugee Comittee in Los Angeles, I traveled across the US participating in a national educational campaign for peace and human rights in Central America. Also, I have worked in a homeless children's shelter for the International Human Rights Center in Los Angeles and worked with adults with severe disabilities as an independent leaving skills coach in San Francisco.

Anne Duffy
Math|Science || 10th
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I grew up in Denmark but have lived in the San Diego area since 1989. I received my Bachelor's degree in chemistry from UCSD. After acting as an undergraduate teaching assistant at UCSD, I fell in love with teaching. I chose to stall my doctoral degree in chemistry and pursue a Master's degree in chemistry (also at UCSD) while researching teaching options at various levels.

Upon completing my Master’s, I went to what my chemistry lab colleagues called “the dark side” when I chose to pursue a doctoral degree in math and science education instead of organic chemistry. I have been teaching in various capacities since 1995 with ages ranging from Kindergarten science outreach, 4th and 5th grade math enrichment to organic chemistry students in college.

I know that I have found a satisfying career not just because I love teaching math and science at all levels but because I would do it for free. Shh. That’s our little secret.